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Silver-silk business development direction

Company Profile

  • Zhejiang Silver-silk Silk Home Textile Co., Ltd. was established in August 1998 (the company's predecessor was Tongxiang Silver-silk Bedding Co., Ltd.). It is located in the Industrial Zone of Zhouquan Town, Tongxiang City. The company has more than 180 employees and 35 technical management personnel. , Is a nationally well-known silk quilt professional manufacturer, and one of the main drafting units of China's silk quilt national standards and industry standards.

  • At present, it mainly produces silk quilts, real silk sets, cotton sets and other beddings, as well as real silk goggles, silk headbands, silk headbands and other household daily necessities. Several of these products have obtained invention and utility model patents from the State Intellectual Property Office. The company has first-class production equipment and management level, stable product quality, and strict production in accordance with national or international standards. It has successfully passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification in 2006, and passed the safety production standardization acceptance in 2014. The labor relationship in Tongxiang City is harmonious. During this period, the company has successively won honors and titles such as the famous trademark of Tongxiang City, the famous trademark of Jiaxing City, the recommended products of Zhejiang Consumers Association, and the famous brand products of Jiaxing City. In 2011 and 2014, they were rated as the top ten silk quilted brands in Zhejiang Province. First place, and established physical stores in more than 10 provinces and cities across the country. At the same time, ship shops have been opened on Tmall, Taobao, and JD.com, and their social popularity has continued to increase.

    From the initial single production of silk quilts, the company has gradually expanded to bedding and household daily necessities. The products cover pure silk quilts, children's quilts, high-end silk sets, cotton sets, silk underwear, silk pajamas, silk eye masks, and silk hair accessories. The annual output of various series of pure silk quilts is 100,000 pieces, 50,000 sets of kits, and 8 million pieces of other silk products. In the past three years, many new products have been gradually developed, such as silk headbands, silk pillows, silk eye masks, silk headbands and other silk products. The products are sold all over the country and exported to Australia, the United States, Europe and other countries and regions. The customer is positioned in the high-end customer. The annual export volume is over 30%. As a senior silk quilt manufacturer, it has a large number of senior and experienced female workers, most of whom have decades of drawing quilt making skills, and are among the first batch of production enterprises to adopt flat mesh drawing quilt technology.

Silk Quilt Expert

Green, environmentally friendly, comfortable, healthy

Silver-silk is a private enterprise specializing in the production of high-end silk quilts and high-end bedding, with a history of more than 20 years. In the course of more than 20 years of development, with the help of abundant natural resources, the fertile soil of the hometown of sericulture, and the unique conditions, nourish the "Silver-silk" to thrive. Relying on Tongxiang’s long sericulture culture and high-quality sericulture resources, Silver-silk is dedicated to providing consumers with “green, environmentally friendly, comfortable and healthy” silk quilts and real silk bedding products with its exquisite production technology and strict and meticulous production management. As a well-known brand in Jiaxing City, recommended by the Zhejiang Consumers Association, the top ten silk quilt brands in Zhejiang Province, and the national standard drafting unit of The vanguard of the industry.

Be an honest company

To be an honest enterprise and a product of conscience

Silver-silk now has a clean and spacious production workshop with constant temperature and humidity, advanced production equipment and meticulous production workers. The annual output of more than 100,000 silks is sold to more than 20 domestic and foreign outlets through national outlets and Tmall e-commerce platforms. Provinces, cities, autonomous regions, Hong Kong and Taiwan, European and American countries. Due to the excellent quality and honest and trustworthy business philosophy, it has withstood the test of the market and has been recognized and trusted by consumers. This has given us great encouragement and strength, and it has also strengthened our confidence and determination to be a century-old brand. To be a trustworthy enterprise and to make conscientious products is the eternal theme given to Silver-silk by the market, and it is also the eternal pursuit of our "Silver-silk" people.