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Four advantages of silk quilt

Four advantages of silk quilt

Selected 100% high-quality silkworm filament filling, bright white and delicate, excellent flexibility and compression resilience, soft and fluffy.
Four advantages of silk quilt
  • Comfortable and soft
    Comfortable and soft

    Silk is light, soft, smooth and elastic, and has good skin-friendly properties.

  • Breathable and moisture-absorbing
    Breathable and moisture-absorbing

    Silk absorbs moisture and wicks perspiration better than cotton, does not feel stuffy, and is dry at constant temperature.

  • Fluffy and light
    Fluffy and light

    Natural fiber, light and fluffy, comfortable and skin-friendly.

  • Health and peace of mind
    Health and peace of mind

    Silk is not easy to breed bacteria, so it can be used on sensitive skin.

Careful selection and control at the source

Careful selection and control at the source

One of the primary factors in the production of silk quilts is to select top-quality cocoons. The company is located in the country's largest silkworm production base, which also provides convenience for selecting more and better high-quality silkworm cocoons. "A good life starts from a cocoon" is the concept of "silk mulberry" making quilts.

Good mulberry raises good silkworms. For hundreds of years, the diligent silkworm farmers have continuously improved and promoted excellent mulberry varieties, expanded the planting scale of mulberry gardens, carried out formula fertilization on mulberry trees, increased the yield of mulberry leaves, and cultivated first-class mulberry leaf quality. High-quality mulberry leaves are the guarantee for the growth of silkworms and the quality of silkworm cocoons.

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Fabric-from Xinjiang in the 13-hour sun

Long-staple cotton, also known as sea island cotton, is named for its longer fiber, with a fiber length of 38-39 mm. It has good quality, white luster, good elasticity, and soft and long fibers. High-quality textiles, home textiles, clothing and other products and export clothing all use long-staple cotton yarn as the main raw material. At present, only China, the United States and Egypt produce it in the world.

What are the advantages of long-staple cotton

  • The output is small and the quality is fine, which is comparable to the South African diamond "Princess Kelly".

  • Under the same conditions, the growth period is 10-15 days longer than ordinary cotton, which requires more heat and better quality.

  • The fiber is soft and long, the heat rises quickly, and the warmth retention is stronger.

  • The fineness and strength are much higher than ordinary cotton, and the softness is better.

Fabric-from Xinjiang in the 13-hour sun