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  • Carefully select the source of control

    Carefully select the source of control

    The quality of silk quilt mainly depends on the quality of cocoons. How to choose cocoons directly determines the quality of a silk quilt. The silkworm filament is not necessarily selected from the superior double cocoon on the cocoon. Secondary cocoon, pupa lined with cocoon can also weave silkworm filament. Yinsang relies on 28 years of experience in silk quilt production and the company's one-stop production capacity to control from the source. The front part uses superior double cocoons to make the "Sikver-silk" series of high-end silk quilts.

  • Handcrafted from the past, Zoran Tiancheng

    Handcrafted from the past, Zoran Tiancheng

    Silk is a natural protein fiber obtained from silkworm spinning. Natural silk is obtained by putting the cocoon in boiling water to boil the cocoon in boiling water and then spinning the cocoon after the cocoon is formed before the feather becomes adult. Yinsang has cocoon cooking equipment and the secret of cocoon cooking technology. With strict control of the cocoon cooking temperature, it can obtain high-quality cooked cocoons with bright colors. In addition, Silver-silk's female workers with more than decades of rich experience operate peeling cocoons, which guarantees the quality of silk to a large extent.

  • Pull the net by hand

    Pull the net by hand

    Silver-silk has exquisite silk-drawing women workers. The new technology stretches a square piece of silk into a silk mesh that is more than 2 meters wide. A silk quilt weighing 2 kilograms needs to be repeatedly stretched layer by layer for more than 100 times. The quilt drawn by this process has a high degree of flatness and resilience, which can make the silk quilt long-term Maintain soft and comfortable practicality. Compared with the traditional two people, Silver-silk is the first to use four people to pull the cotton, and the four people to pull the cotton at the same time, which can ensure that the silk is not easy to fall off by the silk, and the thickness is uniform. It can better meet the current silk quilt specifications of 1.8 meters to 2.4 meters. This technology has also successfully gained wide acclaim among peers.

  • Constant temperature storage, quality assurance

    Constant temperature storage, quality assurance

    Silk is a very soft natural fiber in nature. Silk has strong moisture absorption and release properties, and constant temperature storage is an important indicator that determines the quality of silk. Silver-silk specially built a spacious and clean silk wool storage room for this purpose, in order to store silk quilts at constant temperature and humidity to ensure the quality of the products.

  • Fine sewing shines in the details

    Fine sewing shines in the details

    Silver-silk has experienced and skilled sewing workers, and the exquisite sewing technology largely guarantees the smoothness of the quilt cover. The quality is meticulously reflected every stitch and every detail, and every detail demonstrates the strength of the brand.

  • Industry flagship ready to go

    Industry flagship ready to go

    From the initial single production of silk quilts, the company has gradually expanded to bedding and household goods. The products cover pure silk quilts, children's quilts, silk kits, cotton kits, silk pajamas, and silk fabrics. The annual output of various series of pure silk quilts is 100,000 pieces, 50,000 sets of kits, and 8 million pieces of other silk products. The products sell well all over the country, and are exported to Australia, the United States, Europe and other countries and regions, and the customers are positioned as high-end customers. The annual export volume is over 30%.

    As a senior silk quilt manufacturer, it has a large number of senior and experienced female workers, most of whom have decades of drawing quilt making skills, and are among the first batch of production enterprises to adopt flat mesh drawing quilt technology. In response to this, we declared the 2014 Tongxiang Enterprise High-tech R&D Center, which enjoys a high reputation among the peers.