Storage and maintenance of silk quilt

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A: Avoid dust. The silk should be covered with dark fabric to avoid dust and yellowing. Dust will contaminate the silk quilt when it encounters moisture, and it is not easy to clean.

B: Avoid moisture, place it in a ventilated, cool place, and do not put it in a plastic bag to prevent moisture from being released, which may cause the silk to become damp, become heavier, have peculiar smells, not keep warm, and lose elasticity.

C: Avoid high temperature and strong light. Long-term exposure to high temperature or strong light will cause the silk to become brittle and break, and the silk will fade.

D: Avoid heavy pressure. Do not place heavy objects on the folded silk quilt. When storing for a long time, change the folded position frequently to prevent the silk from breaking at the crease. In addition, the silk quilt must avoid direct contact with sharp hard objects.