How to choose silk quilt

2021-09-09 16:54:31 浙江银桑丝绸家纺有限公司 Viewd 569

Silk quilt is now everyone's first choice for winter quilts. Because of people's love for silk quilts, there are many silk quilt brands on the market. For these brands, consumers don't know how to choose when buying them.

First of all, to determine whether the filling is silk or not, it can be taken out from the zipper opening and burned a little bit. There is protein in the silk, the taste after burning is the same as burning hair, and after burning, it will be broken when it is squeezed. And if it is chemical fiber and other materials, it will be a hard lump after burning, accompanied by peculiar smell.

Secondly, you can see the length of the silk inside. Generally, only those with a length of 25 cm or more can be called medium-filament cotton. In addition, everyone should pay attention to the "sandwich quilt." In order to save costs, some manufacturers have inconsistent fillers on the inner and outer layers. Maybe the silk can be touched on the outside, but not on the inside.

The simplest and most intuitive method is to stack the silk quilt to see its resilience.