Handmade silk quilts are more popular

2021-09-09 16:55:26 浙江银桑丝绸家纺有限公司 Viewd 488

Now in the silk quilt market, purely handmade silk quilts are very popular. The main reason is that the handmade silk quilts are softer and have a longer service life. The silk quilts are made by hand, but the handmade silk quilts are still more complicated in the market. Yes, true and false good and bad silk are mixed in, so pay special attention when buying.

Silk quilts are made by hand. Hand-made silk quilts are boiled, boiled, peeled, sun-dried, and drawn with both hands by craftsmen. In these steps, the real handmade silk quilt can be guaranteed without any chemical reagents. Handmade mulberry silk quilt has about 140 small silk cotton pockets, which only weighs a catty. They are all manual work, and the output is relatively limited. Therefore, if you encounter reliable hand-made silk quilt manufacturers, buy them as soon as possible. Most manufacturers are hand-made, and the quality is more reliable.

Silk quilts are made by hand. In the process of hand-drawing mulberry silk quilts, it is all technical work and must be adjusted artificially. Therefore, covering the mulberry silk quilt by hand will feel soft and close to the body. The mulberry silk quilts of Changjiu brand are all hand-drawn. The craftsmen have rich experience. Each quilt drawn is uniform in thickness and comfortable and soft on the body.